Friday, 25 June 2010

Group G & Group H

So the last group games are played today, with Brazil through to the last 16 that leaves 1 spot in there group up for grabs and 2 spots still to go in Group H

Group G

Basically it would take a miracle for Ivory Coast to get through this group after Portugal's 7-0 stuffing of North Korea, the goal difference of 9 between the two teams almost impossible to over come. Brazil can win lose or draw today and still go through although i'm sure they'd rather finish 1st. Ronaldo still has a point to prove having been quiet so far this tournament but Lucio will relish the challenge of stopping him - that's if Dunga selects his first team which, bar Kaka for obvious reasons, he probably will. I Think Ivory Coast will struggle against North Korea who have a point to prove after the game against Portugal but i imagine the power of Drogba will be to much to handle and i can see them winning 2-1 whilst i expect Brazil Portugal to be a draw, maybe 1-1

Group H

All eyes will be on Spain in this one, will they be the next 'big' nation to follow France & Italy out in the group stage? this group gets a little complicated to follow so expect it to change a few times through the course of the match - i expect Spain & Switzerland to win both their games so the scores and goal difference could be vital here, at the moment Chile are +2, Spain +1 & the Swiss are at 0. I think Spain will win 2-1 & the Swiss to win 1-0 which means that the Spain would be clear on +2 goal difference and then the Swiss & Chilians would be tied on +1, if that was the case it would come to goals scored and Chile would go through having scored 1 more goal, the drawing of lots would be impossible to happen in this group because Chile beat Switzerland 1-0. Of course if Spain only win 1-0 and Switzerland win 2-0 then Spain would be out because the Swiss beat Spain....confusing isn't it?! Ultimatly Spain have to win by 1 more goal than Switzerland to be sure of going through and i think this is the most likely scenario because the Swiss don't have a great attacking threat where as Spain have Torres & Villa, 2 of the best strikers in the world right now

So thats it, by the final whistle tonight i'd expect Brazil, Portugal, Spain & Chile to go through but who knows, its been such a crazy world cup so far maybe, just maybe, the Swiss can sneak through at either Spain or Chile's expense

Thanks for reading, leave feedback the usual way and i will be back to preview the Uruguay v South Korea & USA v Ghana games either tonight or tomorrow morning

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