Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Change of plan.....

So as you've probably noticed writing a blog reviewing all 3 games on the day is something I'm struggling to keep up with, so what I'm going to do is review the groups as they stand now and start reviewing the games from round 2 onwards as its easier to type up one game instead of 3! Today i will start with a quick look at last nights endings to group A & B and previewing group's C & D last games

Group A

Not one to constantly go on about things I've got right in the past but i nailed both this group and group B, the only surprise for me being the fact that France picked up a point & a goal! I had Uruguay and Mexico to finish first and second with South Africa finishing above France, i personally had Mexico finishing clear of South Africa but they finished on level points and i think some credit should go to South Africa for not being steam rolled by Mexico - France deserve no credit at all and deserve to be sent home in disgrace, my favourite quote for the French team was 'their manager is an idiot & man for man they are an embarrassment to their country' i think that pretty much says it all and obviously Domenech covered himself in glory at the end by refusing to shake Parreiras hand and proceeded to have a go at him for something he said many months ago about the French cheating to qualify. 2 observations with this - 1. The French did cheat to qualify so i'm not sure why Doemenech felt the need to try and deny this 2. Is this a French thing given Wengers refusal to shake hands with some Premier League managers?!

I think Uruguay are a team worth watching having not conceded a goal so far and with Diego Forlan & Luis Suarez up front they will always have a goal in them, but i don't think Mexico have enough to get past Argentina (who i still think will win)

Group B

Again, i got the top 2 teams right on this one, although i didn't expect Greece to get 3 points but i thought Nigeria would perform much better than they actually did, seemingly being in winning positions to throw it away both against Greece & South Korea, in both games open goals being missed (special mention to Yakubu last night for a miss that rivals the best misses over see).

Argentina have looked good in their games although South Korea could have made their game 2-2 which might have changed the Argentinian mentality but it was not to be and the Argentinians romped to a 4-1 win. Nigeria's best game was probably against Argentina but they never really looked like threatening to much. The fact that Argentina have so many attacking options just seems to make me think that even if they are in a position where they are 1 or 2 goals down they can always score - even 36 year old Martin Palermo managed to get on the score sheet last night and with both Milito, Tevez & Agurro to score there's just goals bursting out of this team. South Korea provided no real surprises, being the usual disciplined & hard working team we've come to expect and whilst they might be slight underdogs against Uruguay they could prove tough opposition but i just can't see South Korea scoring against Uruguay.

Quick Previews for tonight's game now (i will cover England in more depth in a separate bog) and I'll start with

Group C

England have to win tonight, the only way they could get through if they draw is if its a 2-2 draw against Slovenia & USA draw 0-0 with Algeria, then it will come down to drawing names from a hat (if you believe FIFA). Anything other than this situation or an England win will see England eliminated. I can't see the USA doing anything other than beating Algeria, who are a pretty bad team, which means England have their destiny in their own hands and usually England tend to get the job done, i just wonder if the recent JT outburst might develop problems in the camp. Still i can see both games Ending 1-0 to USA & England respectively

Group D

Things are very interesting, clearly Serbia are expect to beat a very poor Australia team, although the Aussies will have their one hope, Tim Cahill, back from suspension i can't see them scoring or being able to cope with the physicality of a powerful Serbia team. This leaves the Germany v Ghana game to decide the other qualifier from this group. I had Germany and Serbia going through and i still think this will still be the case, despite the Germans being very 'un-German' so far this tournament playing very nice attacking football against Australia, then struggling against a physical team in Serbia which is an area they usually excel in and even going as far as missing a penalty (first one they've missed in a World Cup in 32 years!). The Ghanaians are also a very physical team, especially in midfield, but i think the Germans will have to much despite missing Klose as well as having Podolski seemingly returning to the awful form that has been seen at Koln this season i think they will struggle to deal with Ozil.

So tonight expect to see England, USA, Germany & Serbia leaving Serbia v USA and England facing Germany, and if England don't perform tonight the Germans could batter them in the 2nd round

Thanks for reading, i plan an doing at least one more blog looking at the England situation before the game starts later this afternoon, thanks for reading!

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