Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Why Spurs finishing 4th would be best for the league

Just some quick thoughts on the implications of tonight's big game

I personally think Spurs finishing 4th would be much better for the Premier League. If Spurs finish in 4th it will allow them to attract a higher quality of player that would allow them to compete on a much higher level - this summer neither team had Champions League football however city where still able to sign players like Tevez, Bellemy, Adebayor, Lescott & Toure as well as signing Shay Given, who is easily one of the best keepers in the league, last Jan even though they had no CL football. Most of these players would get in to Spurs match day squad, if not there first eleven at the start of this season. Instead Spurs had to be more prudent with there finances and when you look at people like Gomes, Dawson, Palacios, Lennon, Huddlestone these are all players bought from clubs that weren't competing at the highest level (Gomes & Palacios maybe, but not under the same kind of pressure as they are at Spurs) and weren't tried and tested at these dizzying heights, but they had to take more of a chance on untried players which has paid off.

City would still be able to attract top draw players with or without CL football because players would be able to see they came close and that with there resources they will always be up there challenging. Last time Spurs were in this position and they missed out it all took a horrible nose dive and i'm not saying the same could happen this season but if they did miss out players may look at things and think that maybe it would be harder for Spurs to break City's grip on 4th and i don't think going through another 6-7 years of the 'top 4' would be beneficial to anyone. if Spurs can beat City to 4th this season it would mean that they could tempt top draw players with CL football and City would still be able to offer the possibility of CL the following year as well as big wages. Before any Spuirs fan's start saying 'but city only signed mercenaries and we wouldn't want them' you should read the interview Assout-Ekotto gave about how he only players for money....

If City get 4th then it could be a very really worry that the league turns into the 'Top 4' again, but if Spurs win then it could be a Top 5 and maybe even 6 if Randy Learner loosens the purse strings or if Everton can avoid last season's horrific start again. On that note I'd like to see Spurs win tonight and keep next season as exciting as this season

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